Thursday, February 09, 2006


On my lunch break today I came up with a first draft of the "Total Loss Department" poem. My thanks to Pamela for suggesting that it "screamed out for a villanelle" -- I didn't write a villanelle, but inspired by the thought of a villanelle's repetition, I did repeat the phrase "Total Loss Department" in every stanza, which I like having done. So now that's two car-crash poems. Hey, if it happens, you may as well get some use out of it, right?

A friend from my first writing group (which petered out and stopped meeting a few years ago, but went strong for some ten years back in the day) and I have started exchanging email critiques. I've always loved her work; for years in our group we read each other almost every week, so it will be interesting to get a sense of where each of us has gone over the past several years that we haven't really been reading each other.

Marianne Boruch & Campbell McGrath are doing a reading here on March 2nd. That should be worth getting to.

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