Sunday, March 05, 2006

Three good things

Thanks to Ginger for linking to this fabulous essay (or I guess it's actually meant to be a talk) by Rachel Zucker:
Confessionalography: A GNAT (Grossly Non-Academic Talk) on "I" in Poetry
I just read through it quickly, but definitely want to go back and chew on it a little more. I find myself, as is proper for someone in middle age I think, wanting to escape the confines of personal history in my poems, but at the same time I find myself drawn harder and harder to the pull of personal truths. Paradox? Sure. But that's what poetry is all about, Charlie Brown. (As a side note, we talked about truth vs. fact in the journaling discussion group I attended yesterday. I said that there were three things -- stating the facts, telling the truth, and making sense -- and that none of those things were necessarily related to or dependent upon one another. Well, I don't think I said it quite that succinctly, but you know.)

Because the Other Driver's insurance company came through with flying colors, I have no reason at this point to think I won't be able to make it out to FAWC this summer. I truly can't afford it, but I just feel I have to do it, so (in my mind at least) I'm now committed to it. Gonna try and apply for some scholarships, which would make it immensely more do-able. But if you can't commit to doing the impossible and/or seriously impractical now and then -- well, again, that's what poetry is all about. Hey, being able to pay the bills is overrated anyway.

Charlie has a new love in his life and she's adorable. *grin* Go see!


Charles said...

Oh my god, I just fell in love with Rachel Zucker all over again.

Carol Peters said...

Splendid Zucker! Thank you, Anne.

jenni said...

17. Take your clothes off.


I've read that essay before, but it's been awhile. It's good, even the second time. I like how she distinguishes between autobiography and confessionalism, though i don't know that i agree 100% that confessionalism is any superior to autobiography, just a different approach--the difference betweena memoir and an autobiography--auto is a little more detached with a broader scope, memoir closer emotionally with a smaller scope.

YAY! for FAWC!
You seemed to get a great deal from it last year--hopefully this year will be as good or even better--maybe better because there will be no surprises with the instructor--or less surprises. that can be good or bad, whichever way you want to make it.