Monday, July 17, 2006

That's just the way we like it

Every now and then I catch myself expecting the writing of poems to get easier as I get (supposedly) (well, one would hope) better at it -- or at least more experienced.

It doesn't, does it? Not ever.

Well damn.

* * * * *

P.S. So nobody knows what's up with Bloom, huh?


Garbo said...

I think it stays hard because even though you have more skills and experience, you also have higher expectations for yourself, more to say, and more awareness of what not to say.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

My belief is that the more we write, the more difficult it becomes. We tend to focus on what's been said instead of what hasn't. That's probably because of the demands-- which I think I are necessary-- we place on the self, the writer self.

Anne said...

Higher expectations, for sure. I think the risks are different as you gain experience too, and the consequences of failure are greater or at least *feel* greater.

I think it's all well and good for it to keep getting more difficult. I just never quite looked at it with this angle until now. :)