Thursday, August 24, 2006

Craft and cats

Gina Franco shares some intriguing notes from a craft class with Thomas Sayers Ellis: "A Risk in Every Room."

My list of teachers I think I'd like to work with just gets longer and longer.

On a totally non-poetry-related note, my little bitty kitten Lotus had his annual vet appointment yesterday. He weighs eleven pounds, four ounces now! I guess he's not so little bitty anymore. :) (Which makes sense, since he is a year and a half old now after all.) My vet adored him and threatened to steal him away, but I didn't let her.

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jenni said...

My list keeps getting longer too. Hopefully, i will be able to cross one name off that list this January (Mark Doty). I've recently added Henri Cole. I enjoy his poetry so much.