Monday, October 09, 2006

Poetry 1, Technology 0

My poem "Eight-Bar Solo" is up over at Poetry Southeast. Lots of good stuff there, including poems by Kelli Russell Agodon, Dorianne Laux, Hilda Raz, and plenty more! Check it out, if you're so inclined.

Got to work this morning only to find that the hard drive on my workstation was in the process of completely crapping itself. Fortunately almost everything I have there is saved to the network drive. Still, darned inconvenient (and a handy reminder to all to back up everything you care about!). I'm home on my dinner break now, before heading back for my 6 to 10 pm shift on the reference desk. The evening shifts are generally pretty lively. Since the Information Commons is open 24/7, there are lots of students just getting there by the time I leave at 10. (We have grad students, librarians-in-training, to staff the desk till midnight.)

There is a cloud outside my window that looks just like a giant flying mouse (not the Disney variety). Cool.

P.S. I don't really care for cigars anyway. Shut up, Dr. Freud.


Lyle Daggett said...

At least it was just your work computer that crashed. (I hope you didn't have anything important stored on it.)

Several years back, when I started the job where I presently work for a living (in the billing dept. of a large corporation), on something like my second day working in my cubicle by myself the computer in my cube started spontaneously rebooting itself at random moments.

It happened I think three times that day and the next, it would just start rebooting for no apparently reason, go through the whole reboot process, and then it would start up again "normally."

Then the third time it rebooted, it stopped part way through the process, and flashed one of those "fatal error" messages that said "unable to locate reboot source." I called the tech support group and told the tech guy what the computer was doing, and he said "Uh-oh." Bad sign.

The hard drive on the computer was dead, and it was taken away. I had to move to a different cubicle to work. A friend of mine told me later that when a computer spontaneously reboots over and over like that, it sometimes will eventually "solve" the problem by deleting its own reboot file so it will stop rebooting.

I went to the Poetry Southeast link, and read "Eight-Bar Solo." A sweet and warm and tender poem.

Garbo said...

Enjoyed re-reading the poem. And wow, Anne, your author bio grows and grows. Your list of publications and contest placements is pretty hefty. Don't take up haiku, or the bottom of the page will sag.

Anne said...

Lyle, we love technology, don't we? Love it. Heh. (And no, I didn't lose anything important -- a few browser bookmarks and various settings -- all my actual documents were saved to the network drive, fortunately.) Thanks for your kind words on my poem!

Garbo, let's hope the list is getting longer, after 20-some years of sending stuff out! Heh. It's definitely more about persistence than talent. I'll watch out for the haiku thing though. *grin*