Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's still time...

... to write a "Power Crazy Senior General Than Shwe" poem. Here are the details, from AJPL's blog:

You are invited to submit an acrostic poem for a chapbook-sized edited collection entitled Power Crazy Senior General Than Shwe. These poems must follow the format employed in Saw Wai's now infamous poem, "February 14." (See here for more information.) Acrostics, telestitches, and the like will be considered, so long as they integrate the phrase "Power Crazy Senior General Than Shwe" into their format in a manner true to Saw Wai's poem.

Four poems have already been selected for inclusion, and the chapbook will contain roughly 12 to 20 pages of poetry. Should the quality of the work remain high, the chapbook will be published as a supplement to an online, literary journal. Further details, including sample poems, are available upon request. All queries and submissions should be sent to liszkiewicz AT gmail DOT com.

Deadline for consideration is noon, Sunday, 3 February 2008.
I've made an attempt at it, and while it's not the most brilliant poem on the face of this earth, it wasn't as impossible to come up with something as I was afraid it would be. (I'm not very good at exercises, as a rule.) Here's what I've got, though I'm hoping to revise it some in the next few days -- I'll take this down before too long.

[~Gone. But you can drop me an email if you want to see it!~]


Pamela said...

great job!

Anne said...

Thanks, Pamela!