Saturday, February 14, 2009

AWP index

Number of people whose names I mispronounced upon meeting them: At least 1, possibly as many as 3

Number of official panels attended: 7 plus the keynote address

Number of those panels which were readings: 3

Number of offsite events attended: 3, depending on what you count and depending on what happens tonight

Number of books bought or taken for free at the den of iniquity bookfair: DON'T ASK

Number of my own chapbooks sold, traded, or given: 11 so far

Number of meals eaten in restaurants: 2 so far

Number of bloggers I have gotten to meet in person: I can't count that high!

Number of poets I've hugged: I can't count that high x 2!

Number of free drinks imbibed: [redacted]

Number of people seen Trying Way Too Hard: [redacted]

Number of people seen looking glazed and overwhelmed: all of them, at some point!

Number of hours left before I have to check out of this room at the Hilton with the extremely comfy bed: 17

Number of bizarre dreams dreamed in said aforementioned extremely comfy bed: 0, actually

Number of new poems drafted: 4 (I know, I'm shocked too)

Number of "f-bombs" dropped in one of those poems: 10 (12 if you count the epigraph)

Tonight I'm headed for the Jeffrey McDaniel/ Susan Somers-Willett/ Patricia Smith reading. If you're at AWP and you don't know what to do tonight, this oughta be a good one!


Peter said...

Sounds like you are having a fun time!

Anne said...

Peter - it was fantastic! I'm now scheming about ways to try and fund a trip to Denver for next year's edition. I might have finished reading half the books & journals I hauled in at the bookfair by then...