Saturday, April 10, 2010

Denverish (not)

It's funny watching the twitterstream for #awp10. One evening there was a cute little blip for about 45 minutes where almost everyone who tweeted from AWP mentioned that they'd just taken a nap, were about to take a nap, or really needed a nap. This morning, the predominant theme was the hangover. Ah, AWP. Despite all the craziness, overstimulation, cranky academics, po-biz po-biz po-biz, I had a great time last year and hope I can manage it next year.

Thanks to all who've posted pictures, blog posts, tweets, whatever. If I can't be there, it's fun hearing about it!

* * * * *

My poem "So What" (based on the Miles Davis classic) is up over at shaking like a mountain (an online journal of literature about music). If you read and like it, I'd love it if you left a comment there!

* * * * *

Butler University in Indianapolis - yes, the same Butler whose basketball team came within about two inches of taking the NCAA championship from Duke a few days ago - has announced the 2010-11 lineup for its Visiting Writers series. No specific dates listed as of yet, but holy moly, Margaret Atwood! And several other poets/writers who I think will be well worth the two-hour drive for me. (They're way on the north side of Indy.)

* * * * *

Spring is absolutely glorious here. It's almost excessive, the green and the blooming and the flowering trees busting out like crazy. Is there any color more amazing than the purple/fuchsia of redbuds, especially against the brilliant green of new leaves and the heartbreaking blue of sky? This week I've been walking around with my mouth hanging open half the time. Magnolia! Forsythia! Tulip! Bradford pear! I keep thinking I need to take a few hours and run around town with my camera, but honestly, pictures will never do it justice. Here's a lovely bit of injustice in the form of a mediocre cellphone shot - daffodils in front of one of the parking garages on campus:


Jessie Carty said...

Margaret Atwood! You so have to go to that :)

Lyle Daggett said...

My AWP blogpost is up on my blog, here.

I was among the many who at some point or another needed a nap. I'm thinking it had in part to do with the altitude. (Which may have contributed to the hangovers too.)

Spring here too, though seems to be taking its time. Real spring is when the lilacs bloom, and I haven't seen them yet or smelled them on the breeze. But soon, I'm thinking.

Anne said...

Jessie, I sure hope I can go see Atwood! Crossing my fingers on scheduling.

Lyle, I'll dash over & read your AWP post soon. Wonder if your nap was at the same moment as half the AWP'ers I was following on Twitter. :)