Saturday, January 22, 2011

We interrupt this blog... bring you an important mesage. Well, important to me anyhow. My laptop kinda got bevirused with a nasty little Trojan backend thing (sounds dirty, huh? well, it IS, just not in the entertaining way). Working on a repair and wishing I were rich enough to say "gee, it's old and percrankety and its hard drive is almost full anyway, I'll just buy a new one." And yes, all my important files (including all of my writing and most, if not all, of the music & photos) were backed up.

Limping along with the smartphone and the slightly temperamental netbook; I'll respond to recent comments & post again just as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, if YOU haven't got everything on your computer good and backed up, I'm using my mom voice here: do it now!


Lyle Daggett said...

Ick! Sorry about the computer problems.

A couple of years ago my computer up and died. I did (fortunately) have everything backed up, not just on an electro-gadget, but -- for anything truly essential (poems etc.) also on paper.

(Highly guarded secret: paper doesn't crash.)

Abhijit said...

Unfortunate that the high tech things crash very soon..But the traditional articles live for centuries!

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