Saturday, August 25, 2012

Forwarding Orders

This blog has moved! Or changed. Or metamorphosed, or .. well, whatever the proper terminology, I've got a new humble abode online. For further adventures in bloggity-blogdom, as well as other webby sorts of stuff, go visit (if you're looking for the blog, click on where it says "blog").

I may import all the posts from this blog over to that one, or more likely, I may not. I'm going to leave this blog here at least for now, but go over there if you want to find me. (And there is more "there" there - videos! poem links! et cetera!)

I'll be moving the links from the blogroll here over to the links page there - and hopefully starting to catch up on reading a bunch of great blogs I haven't paid enough attention to lately, as well.

See you there?

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