Monday, February 21, 2005

NEA Fellowships in Poetry

I don't know any of this year's NEA Poetry Fellows well, but have met a couple of them -- I had a weekend workshop with Kathleen Peirce at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival a few years back (okay, maybe more than a few -- it was about 1991 or 1992, I guess), and Kevin Young is on faculty here at IU & was a guest one day in the class I took with Cathy Bowman a couple years ago. Here's the list, from

Adams, Mary
Cullowhee, NC

Baker, David A.
Granville, OH

Blumenthal, Michael
Clarksville, TN

Braden, Allen
Tacoma, WA

Cassells, Cyrus
Austin, TX

Cording, Robert K.
Woodstock, CT

Daniels, James R.
Pittsburgh, PA

Davis, Jon E.
Santa Fe, NM

Dawidoff, Sally
New York, NY

Dharmaraj, Ramola
Arlington, VA

Donovan, Matt
Hudson, OH

Fairchild, B.H.
Claremont, CA

Fick, Marlon Lee
Overland Park, KS

Flenniken, Kathleen
Seattle, WA

Fraser, Gregory
Carrollton, GA

Fulton, Alice
Ithaca, NY

Glazner, Gregory A.
Santa Fe, NM

Harms, James K.
Morgantown, WV

Hayes, Terrance A.
Pittsburgh, PA

Held, Grey
Newtonville, MA

Hirshfield, Jane
Mill Valley, CA

Hong, Cathy
Brooklyn, NY

Isles, John A.
Alameda, CA

Jess, Tyehimba
Brooklyn, NY

Johnson, Kimberly
Salt Lake City, UT

Kasischke, Laura K.
Chelsea, MI

Kennedy, Sarah J.
Fairfield, VA

Kimbrell, James
Tallahassee, FL

Lee, Karen An-hwei
Santa Ana, CA

Lemon, Alex
St. Paul, MN

Long, Robert Hill
Eugene, OR

Mathys, Ted
New York, NY

McDonough, Jill
Jamaica Plain, MA

Pankey, Eric
Fairfax, VA

Peirce, Kathleen
Wimberley, TX

Randall, Belle
Seattle, WA

Reece, Mark Spencer
Lantana, FL

Siken, Richard
Tucson, AZ

Singer, Sean
New York, NY

Smith, Young
Richmond, KY

Smith-Soto, Mark
Greensboro, NC

Teig, Michael
Northampton, MA

Thomson, Jeffrey James
Pittsburgh, PA

Wunderlich, Mark C.
Provincetown, MA

Young, Kevin L.
Bloomington, IN


Christine said...

Hah. I'm so, um, city-centric? when I read this list I keep thinking, wait, they should all be from NYC...

Anne said...

Hey, people from out here in flyover country get grants sometimes too!

Okay, not OFTEN. But sometimes.