Monday, January 30, 2006

How to start the week off with a bang

I wanted to say "it was the loudest sound I ever heard." But really, I was in a tornado once, and that must have been much louder. Not that I remember it.

But the sound of the front end of a Ford Explorer running a stop sign and whacking into the back end of a Toyota Corolla driven by a middle-aged poet-blogger-kittymom is, well, it's loud. Sure as heck woke me up on my way to work this morning.

I'm fine, absolutely fine (with the disclaimer that of course I may wake up stiff and sore and end up filing a medical claim or whatever, but for now, I feel just fine). My poor little blue '91 Corolla is, well, not so fine. Not fine at all. Fortunately the stop-sign-runner had insurance, and I've already spoken with them.

We shall see what happens, though I'm very afraid this will end up meaning I need to go car shopping, an unplanned expense which would severely jeopardize my P-town trip in June. But I can cancel that as late as sometime in May and still get my deposit back, so I am trying to hold off on that particular panic for now.

On the bright side, I'd never been in an accident before, so I guess now I have a new (if maybe a bit trite) image I can use in poems. :-P

(The good news is that she didn't hit me two or three feet farther forward, because that would have bashed in the driver's side door instead, which of course is in very close proximity to the driver herself, namely me. And I don't really like to get that close to the front end of a large, rapidly moving vehicle if I can help it.)


jenni said...

Glad you're okay, Anne. But damn, that sucks. I've been in a few car accidents and they are scary. Hopefully you can find a decent ride for a decent price and still make it to p-town. You gotta make it!!

the machinist said...

Glad you're ok, Anne. Hope you hold off the soreness in the morning.

cornshake said...

whew! so glad you are fine...for now, at least! ;)

Radish King said...

What an awful way to start your morning. Here's a title for your poem, it's mine, but you can borrow it I Fucking Hate Tailgaters.

Anne said...

Thanks, guys. I feel OK this morning, physically at least. Had some more fun and games in the middle of the night last night which involved Bad Electrical Smells and smoke coming out of wires by my fusebox, and a fire truck pulling up in front of my house at 4 a.m., but everything is OK there too -- I may blog about this later when I'm feeling less jinxed and overwhelmed.

Rebecca, love the title; can I change it to I Fucking Hate Everybody And Everything? :) (actually the person who hit me wasn't tailgating; I was eastbound and she was southbound and she smacked into the side of my car, so it's bashed-in from behind the passenger door to the taillights on that side. Sigh.)

Laine said...

Oh, Anne! I'm glad you're okay. Poor car with it's sorta shiny new timing belt and all. And then Bad Electrical Smells! Oh my. This may be going too far to get material.

(I don't know when I've used so many exclaimation points in one day. How exhausting! I'll email you after I have a little lie-down.)

David Vincenti said...

They do say that an accident you can walk away from is one to be grateful for.

Personally, I think "they" are idiots.

As for that trite image, my requisite post-accident poem actually appeared in the Paterson Literary Review (a journal I think very highly of). So it was a good deal for me; hope it works for you as well!

(PS: Glad you're OK!)

Anonymous said...

ugh--sorry to hear that :(

Garbo said...

Car wreck and fuse box smoke that close together? I put it all down to astrological cycles. My daughter and I were standing at the bus stop yesterday when a tractor-trailer nearly crushed us as we stood on the sidewalk. I yelled "get up on the grass!" and we made it but it was very, very weird.

I'm glad you're okay and it's all kind of interesting, isn't it, as long as nobody's actually hurt?

Erin B. said...

Glad you're okay, Anne.

Funky smells are no fun, but they're better than funky body pains.


Anne said...

Thanks, y'all. I've moved through "rattled and shaken up" to "pissed off" to "annoyance with paperwork hell" which I guess is a good sign. I'm not going to come out anywhere near ahead on this, and may yet end up having to cancel my P-town trip, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm still kind of gun-shy about driving too. My advice to all: avoid cars driven by people who don't know to stop for stop signs. :P

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Oh, Anne! I'm behind on reading blogs so just found this now. I'm so glad you're okay. I do hope you don't cancel P-Town. It was so good for you last year.