Saturday, January 21, 2006

like Christmas

Just extricated from the two boxes that appeared on my doorstep yesterday:
The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, Emma Donoghue (short stories) (paper)
Aftershocks, Jess Wells (fiction) (paper)
Nightworks: Poems 1962-2000, Marvin Bell (paper)
Bending Home: Selected & New Poems 1967-1998, Susan Griffin (paper)
Cool, Calm & Collected: Poems 1960-2000, Carolyn Kizer (paper)
Rock Harbor, Carl Phillips (cloth)
Digressons on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara: A Memoir, Joe LeSueur (cloth)
The Black Veil: A Memoir with Digressions, Rick Moody (cloth)
The Flashboat: Poems Collected and Reclaimed, Jane Cooper (cloth)
Rare and Commonplace Flowers: The Story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedos Soares, Carmen L. Oliveira (cloth)
In the Next Galaxy, Ruth Stone (cloth)

...All brand new, mint condition, for less than fifty bucks including shipping. I *heart* Daedalus Books. I have mixed feelings about remainders as a general rule -- as someone who would like to have a book published someday I find it all a bit depressing, but -- cheap books! (Hint: to find the poetry section, you need to select the Books tab, then go to Literature, where you'll find Poetry as a subcategory.)

For his part, the kitten is having a blast playing with the boxes and packing paper.

I may as well start writing my own obituary now, as at this point I think it's probably inevitable that I will end up crushed by an avalanche of books.


jenni said...

all that for under 50?? what a deal. I'm so there! happy reading.

Radish King said...

I think that Marvin Bell has a poem in it titled Goofyfoot but I can't remember for sure. Let me know. By the way, a goofyfoot is a left-footed surfer, one who stands on the board with his left foot in back. My son is a goofyfoot. I've seen Marvin Bell, he doesn't look like a surfer to me. I wonder if he owns a Giant Surfer Child, too.

Kells said...

What a nice way to end the winter, curl up with some books and watch a kitten explore the packing material.

I really enjoyed Nightworks. I've heard Marvin say that if you have never read his work before, start in the middle of the book.

One of my favorite poems in there is the poem he wrote to his wife Dorothy (it just be called "For Dorothy") It begins-
You are not beautiful, exactly.
You are beautiful, inexactly.

Charles said...

Thanks for the link! I picked up a couple of the books you got and a few others. :)

The O'Hara book is wonderful, although hard to read at times because LeSeur is so clearly (still) in love with him from a distance...

C. Dale said...

Thanks for the link! I don't really need any more books, but that isn't going to stop me.

Anne said...

Rebecca, I don't see "Goofyfoot" in here. Now I have to go on a mission to find that poem! Surely we have most if not all of his books in the IU Library, so I should be able to track it down. And I'm trying to picture Marvin Bell surfing and failing miserably (but rather humorously).

Glad you guys liked the link. :) It is a dangerous, dangerous place. I am going to burn my furniture for warmth and start sitting & sleeping on books instead.

Erin B. said...

Anne, that wouldn't be such a bad way to go, would it? Perhaps hardcover would be quicker.

Thanks for the link.

Christine said...

Hey, I loved The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits-- when it was over I was so sad: "Isn't there... more?"