Monday, February 05, 2007


Back from a whirlwind trip for my great-aunt's burial. I spent time with family members I had not seen in literally 20-30 years. All in all, it was good and I'm very glad I went.

Also realized there are poems in Kansas that I may need to go back and find at some point. The hawks in the trees, that bleak brown landscape. Have you ever traveled someplace just to look for poems?

Funny how a place can be all about the past, and memories, for me -- and yet there are people who live there now & have been living there all along. How time loops back on itself, sometimes.

Looking around at relatives I haven't seen forever -- how there is still such kinship. The context of it all. Oh, that's who I am. I'd forgotten.

Also: Topeka is larger than I remembered; Osage City, on the other hand, even smaller than I remembered.

Sometime, I'll go back again just to look for poems.


Lyle Daggett said...

There are lots of places I go to look for poems. Quite a few of them are close by -- certain places along the Mississippi River, a couple of the lakes in the city, some places along Minnehaha Creek. There are some bridges and certain buildings that are good for looking for poems.

There are some places along the west coast I wouldn't mind visiting again too. And the north shore of Lake Superior, and the green hills and miraculous gray rock formations of central Wisconsin.

Among others.

jenni said...

I like this post. I have wanted to go back to my old town in upstate NY for a long time, but honestly, i'm just scared. Pretty dumb, I know.