Friday, February 23, 2007

Things to look forward to

Today I made it official -- I am taking three days of vacation time during our spring break, which starts in two weeks. No plans for it other than to hang out at home, annoy the cats, read books, go sit in a coffeehouse or two and overcaffeinate & write, etc.

Also, I got my printed summer-workshop catalog from the Fine Arts Work Center in the mail the other day. Lots of nice pictures that make me say "ahhhhh, Provincetown." Summer isn't really that far away, right?

Also, on March 23rd I will be one of the featured readers at the monthly Runcible Spoon Poetry Series. I think I already mentioned that here, but it's on my mind because this evening I went to the February reading. It was pretty low-key, and a nice evening; plus I got dinner there, a delicious chicken/pasta/vegetable dish that thoroughly filled the plate, and then thoroughly filled me. Lots of times I feel too tired and couch-potatoey to go out on a Friday evening after a long work week, but I'm glad I managed it tonight.

Tomorrow I'll have lunch with a couple of non-poety friends, and then in the evening the Bloomington Free Verse Poets, a group which includes some friends of mine, are doing their annual reading at Boxcar Books (the first time they've used that venue). So that should be fun.

Got a couple of books in the mail today, and a phone message that another one I special ordered is available to be picked up at Howard's Bookstore downtown. I really need to make an effort to set aside more time for reading. There are so many wonderful books in the world. And I want to read all of them, you hear me? Every last one.

I'll just have to become immortal or something.

* * * * *

Also: We love you, George Takei.


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