Thursday, March 15, 2007


  • Flipping back and forth between tennis (Roddick vs. Ljubicic) and basketball (IU vs. Gonzaga)
  • Listening to the cat snore
  • Reading blogs and other things online
  • Tinkering with a new poem, just a bit (the poem is scaring me, just a bit -- which is a good thing)
  • Contemplating a late night snack
  • Breathing slowly and calmly
  • Hoping, always, for the best
  • Making lunch plans with friends for tomorrow (the China Star in Ellettsville is calling my name... mmm!)
  • Typing out this silly blog post
  • Wiggling my toes
  • Listening to the song that's stuck inside my head
  • Trying to remember to count my blessings
  • Nothin' but net, baby. Nothin' but net.

1 comment:

Lyle Daggett said...

Watching David Letterman on T.V., sitting reading blogs on computer, poem notebooks at my side.

Ah, multislacking ... a warrior's drink -- as the Klingons would say. (Gives satisfied sigh.)