Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Valparaiso Poetry Review and Dangerous Astronomy

Some good stuff in the new issue of Valparaiso Poetry Review -- haven't read through it carefully yet, but on first browse, Martha Silano's poem "No Refunds, No Exchanges" really grabbed me, as did featured poet Diane Lockward's "How Is a Shell Like Regret?". There's one of mine in here too: a slightly older poem, kind of a weird one, but one I always thought would eventually find a home somewhere. (And yes, I really did see the picture of the alligator who'd swallowed a man; it was creepy!)

In today's mail: "Dangerous Astronomy," a limited-edition letterpress chapbook by Sherman Alexie, published by Limberlost Press. It's lovely, with a nice typeface and pretty endpapers and heavy, luxurious paper throughout. Its dimensions are somewhat larger than your average chapbook too, so it is really a nice showcase for the poems. I may take this with me to Alexie's reading next month in hopes of getting it signed (my mom's hip surgery has been postponed a couple weeks, so I don't have to miss the reading, yay).

What's new with you?


Nick said...

Congrats on the pub!

Garbo said...

I've never heard you describe a person with the same sensual admiration you showed for the letterpress chapbook. Are you a librarian, by any chance?

Good job, too, on settling your wandering poem into a good home.

Anne said...

Nick: Thanks!

Garbo: Busted! :)