Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I owe email to a bunch of people. If you're one of them ... I have every intention of catching up in the next few days. Yikes.

* * * * *

We've had over two and a half inches of rain in the last 23 hours, and it's not supposed to stop for another 24 hours or so. Blub, blub, blub. Somebody build me an ark?

* * * * *

Sorry I've been a lousy blogger lately. Work has been crazy -- we're interviewing for a new Associate Dean who will serve as head of my department, and I'm on the Search & Screen committee for it, which is fun and a good learning experience but has me very much on my toes. (Hello, 8 a.m. meetings! I am so not a morning person.) So I've been a tired puppy by the time I get home.

Thursday night I get to see Bruce Springsteen in Indianapolis, though. That will give me an energy boost, for sure. I love me some Bruce. I first saw him on the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour, back in 1978 I think. I was in high school at the time, and that show still stands as one of the best concerts I've ever seen -- and I've seen a lot of concerts in my time.

For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside
That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive---

* * * * *

I'll atone for my bad-blogger-ness by posting a draft. Since it was pouring down rain all day, I didn't get outside for my usual lunchtime walk; instead, I stayed at my desk and spent my lunch break reading poems and then scribbling out a draft of my own. This won't stay up more than a day or so.

[gone! if you missed it & want to see it, email me.]


Collin said...

More storms in Atlanta today...some possibly severe. Just what we don't need.

I like the draft. I think the alliteration in the second and third line might be a bit over the top. LOVE the lines about language hidden in a dresser drawer under the gun and longing being in the index in a the back of a book. Fabulous stuff.

Sara said...

Anne, I almost used that same Kate Greenstreet epigraph once! You did it better though, so I'm glad I didn't. Nice stuff!

Karen J. Weyant said...

Great poem! Also, I have been on quite a few search committees, and yes, they are great learning experiences, but the work takes up a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

"It isn't language that marks
us, but longing."

Good stuff! Thanks for posting.

Pamela said...

Good poem! Glad I dropped in early enough to read it. You have me won over completely from "I dreamed".

Anne said...

Thanks for the kind comments, all!

Sara- I'd be curious to see what you would have done with the epigraph! Bet yours would have been cooler than mine. :)

Collin - I suspect you're right about the alliteration. I think I was using those lines to warm up a bit. I almost never get the first couple lines right in an early draft, for some reason.