Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chapbook update and a something

Chapbook update: Finishing Line Press is running a bit behind. For those of you who ordered a copy of Breach, you can now expect it to ship around September 12. Sorry about that!

The good news is that there were enough pre-orders to justify a larger press run. So I'll get 50 author copies, and the press run will be 500. Whee! I'll be able to get at least a couple of local bookstores to stock it, and I'll have copies to sell at readings. Oh, and I know of at least two libraries that have ordered it. That part makes me extra happy. I feel like once your words are safely on the shelf in a good library, in a way, you're going to live forever.

I know, I'm a nerd. Deal with it. :)

* * * * *

Here's a drafty something for you. I'll leave it up for a day or so. This is from the series I mentioned in my previous post.

[--gone. I think it ran away to join the circus.]


Diane K. Martin said...

Anne, I really like it -- it has tremendous resonance. One suggestion: make it an angel at the end instead of angels in the plural.


Jessie Carty said...

Glad I actually caught this before you had to pull it down :)

I'm struck by the images: purpling of sex, threading of those jeans etc.

Nice start!

Oh and I'll live having to wait for Breach (I hope!) :)

Collin said...

Congrats on the big press run! I managed 250 by the skin of my teeth.

Anne said...

Thanks, all! Diane - hm, interesting idea. I had it plural because it was "hands" that are like angels - but maybe it should be recast altogether. I'll think about it.

Collin - I think I only got there because my mom bought a pile of 'em. She ordered like ten, I think. Guess we know what everyone she knows is getting for Christmas. ;)

Jarod K. Anderson said...

Wow. That's very cool. Congrats!