Friday, October 28, 2005

Give the people what they want

In case you are ever stuck for poetry material and want to write the kind of poems that people want to read, here is a helpful list you can refer to. All of these were searches that led people to my blog over the past few months. People are looking for these poems! Write them!

right whale poem
mammal poems
cheating poems
cricket poems
lesbain [sic] love poems
lesbian poems
lesbian love poems to read [er... as opposed to lesbian love poems to fix the roof with?]
short personification poems
poems about librarians
very little poem
cheating poems for her
gay and lesbain [sic] published love poems
poems on rejection
poetry on balances
little short poem
personification poem about cats
in vitro poems
lovable poems short very
group girlfriend poem
poems list about guitars
funnies poetry
romantic words
karaoke poems
poems on land
pinoy poems about birthday
ten best poems
ten good poems [a little less ambitious than the previous one...]
thinking of you in your time of need poems
ten most love poems
mean ex best friend poems
fluffy kittens in Bloomington, Indiana [oh wait, that's not a poem]
i want to meet you poems
mean poems
poems on karma
the last eagle poems
interesting poems
poems about quadratic equation
cheating love poems
poems about the midwest
sestina set to music
poems that get you laid [well duh... aren't we all looking for these?]
greatest poems
wild and crazy best friends poems

So there you have it ... write these poems and the teeming masses will beat a path to your door, shouting, "That's just the poem I was looking for!" Get busy, y'all. *grin*


Emily Lloyd said...

These are great! I love "mean ex best friend poems" and "cheating poems for her." I think I'll go google "cheating poems for him" and see what it gets me...

Emily Lloyd said...

...okay, I wish I hadn't googled that. So much sadness so early in the morning.

For your searchers' benefit, there is a site called

Even this made me sad:
"I'm just another hoe to him"

I bet he's a rake.

early hours of sky said...

Damn you have poems that get me laid. I'm going back in your archives right now;)

cornshake said...

these are hilarious--i guess i have to write a poem "about birthday!" ;)

Anne said...

Em: I thought about doing that search, but decided to just throw in the trowel.

*ducking and running*

Pris said...

I have a tracker on my website, Poetic Inspirations, and I get tons of visitors who put in Inspirations as their search. Only problem is, I have the feeling they're looking for something religious and I doubt they stay on my site very long.