Saturday, October 01, 2005

Reading date/day correction

Because apparently having a kitten sucks out your brain, I goofed in my previous post (and have since corrected it). The Five Women Poets reading is on Saturday, October 8 which is not a Friday. Our readings are always on Saturdays. I don't know why I said Friday. Sheesh.

I am at my mom's; the drive up here was pretty awful, with Bear (aka Big Guy) meowing and moaning -- so stressed that he actually panted occasionally -- for the first 4+ hours (the last 30-45 minutes weren't too bad though) and Lotus (aka Little Guy) totally freaking out after the first hour and a half or so and shoving his way through a two-inch zipper gap OUT of the smaller carrier, so that all of a sudden I was in traffic trying to steer myself to the shoulder one-handed while holding on with the other hand to a kitten that had suddenly landed on my chest. Ai yi yi. (And the litterbox in the big crate did get used, so it's a good thing I had it there.)

One of Mom's cats (the young, insane one) really likes my little guy; they've spent a lot of time chasing and pouncing and playing with each other. He doesn't normally have anyone who will play with him much, so he's delighted. He grudgingly tolerates my big guy, with a hiss now and then. Mom's older cats are not so crazy about the invaders and we're mostly keeping them in a separate part of the house. It's a circus here, I'm telling you.

Someday, I swear, I'll get back to the poetry-related posts. I definitely write more/better when my life is relatively quiet & stable. If nothing else, I guess that's a good thing to have learned from all of this.

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