Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Busy, busy

Taking the cats on a short road trip this weekend to visit my mom, which probably qualifies me as batshit looney. I've never really traveled with cats before, but both of these guys are laid-back enough that they should be OK. I hope. (Ack!) I generally like highway driving; I put on music and just kind of zone out for a while and work on just being in the moment. It's nice. Will probably not be blogging much, if at all, for the next few days.

My poetry group's annual reading is a week from Saturday. I don't yet know what I will be reading or, more importantly, what I will be wearing. I guess I'll work it all out one evening next week. For those who may be in or near Bloomington, the reading is Saturday, October 8 at 8 pm in the Rose Firebay at the John Waldron Arts Center downtown; $5 general admission ($4 students/seniors, $3 children). Comment or email me if you want more details or anything.

The week following the reading, I will be on vacation from work. I'm not going anywhere, but a week of peace and quiet, solitude, cats and books sounds quite like heaven to me right now. I feel like I've been on a bit of a rollercoaster these past few months: the absolute high of the workshop in Provincetown at the beginning of July, a mad rush of writing, financial difficulties and dentists and mechanics and vets, Mudpuppy's death, hurricanes and horrible news, adopting Lotus. I would like to step off the rollercoaster for a few days. It would be nice if I could get some writing done, and maybe even make some progress on getting a manuscript put together, but right now I will be content with peace and quiet and geting some reading done.

The kitten is working out ridiculously well -- he and the big wooly-mammoth cat spend hours every day playing tag, hide and seek, Kittianapolis 500, and Kitty Sumo Wrestling. I have never seen cats bond this quickly before.

Extreme Closeup:

[more orangey cuteness to be found here -- I've added some new ones in the past couple of days]


LKD said...

Batshit looney. Oh, my, but that's a keeper. That's my favorite new expression for craziness. That, and this, which my mother uttered, and I can't now recall in what context, at her brother's calling hours: Bitch-ass crazy.

Roadtrip with the kitties? The roadtrip part sounds fun. I love getting in a car and just going, driving for hours. I too zone out when I drive, go very far away inside myself (a similiar place to where I go when I'm writing) and need a navigator in the car if only to keep me pointed in the right direction because I pay no attention to signs. (grin)

Traveling with kitties. Hmmm. You've taken cats to the vet so I'm sure you know how anxious some cats can get on even a short trip---and how loud. May I suggest you brace yourself for the possibility of a lot of non-stop yowling? Years and years and years ago, when my family packed up and moved from New Hampshire to Ohio (alas), we traveled with a cat and a dog. Our beloved, very sane, very intelligent,very well-adjusted Siamese-Burmese cat, Cocoa yowled until her voice went hoarse, then continued to yowl til she lost her voice---I believe that didn't occur until we were well into Pennsylvania. So, um, hey, have fun, Anne! (smile) Who knows, maybe your cats will be all nice and quiet and content. It could happen. opted for a cat instead of a dog, eh? I know what you mean about cats being easier in terms of incorporating them into (or them incorporating themselves) your already established daily existence. Dogs demand so much more time and attention and are generally more openly needy. You don't have to walk a cat although I do walk mine. (and may I say that he walks very nicely on a leash, very much like a little dog)

God, I rambled. I'll shut up now.

Have fun on your roadtrip!

Anne said...

Laurel - Both of these guys are pretty good on the 25-minute trip to the vet, usually just a couple of pitiful meows; Lotus was a little more agitated on the way home from Rescue Farm when I first got him, but he was in a strange carrier with a strange person talking to him, so you can't blame him. I guess they might get more agitated as the trip wears on, but my hope is that they'll meow a little bit and then simmer down. Early evening tends to be naptime for both of them anyway, so that may help. My biggest concern right now is that although I have a big crate that Bear can travel in, with room for a small litterbox, Lotus won't have space for a litterbox in his carrier. I may stop a couple of times, make sure the car doors are really really locked, then pop Lotus into the big crate for a few minutes for a bathroom break. My other concern, of course, is how well Mom's cats will cope with the intruders... it will be an interesting weekend, one way or another!

LKD said...

Just how long of a road trip is this, if you don't mind my asking? Yikes, it must be a bit of a haul if you're trying to negoiate litterboxes into carry-crates.

Sounds like an adventure. A road trip with cats to a place with more cats. Sounds potentially....volatile. (grin)

Be safe. And gosh, Anne, good luck. (smile)

jenni said...

i took a cat on a roadtrip once. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. he freaked out for the first hour or so (climbed all over the place and meowed) but then he just chilled out and slept.

have a good trip!

Lyle Daggett said...

I just wanted to say I also liked "batshit looney." "Bitch-ass crazy" is good too.

"Batshit Looney and Bitch-Ass Crazy." Sounds like a new T.V. show on Fox.

The road trip sounds fun, all the moreso with kitties. Enjoy.

Trista said...

Lotus... that's a great name. I love the sumo kitties picture. Have a great trip. I wish wish wish I lived in your area and could come to your reading. Post about it?