Monday, September 12, 2005


I feel like I'm emerging, a bit, from the paralysis that's gripped me for much of the past couple of weeks. Tonight I sat at my desk for a little while and wrote in my journal: nothing particularly productive, nothing working towards a poem, but words on the page. You gotta start somewhere.

Found this neat interview with Ruth Lepson, co-editor of Poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Anthology (in which my poem "Catching the Scent" appears). I love this anthology and am ridiculously pleased to be in it, so I found the interview, in which Lepson discusses the anthology, particularly interesting. She talks about the daughter/mother relationship as being "a central subject of the book," and my poem falls into that category; nice to be part of a trend for once (*grin*). The interview originally appeared in Rain Taxi.


jenni said...

wow, you've really been a roll with publications lately. that's awesome. i'm happy for ya. i'll be checking out the anthology.

Anne said...

Hah! Thanks Jenni -- actually the book came out like a year and a half ago (and it was a couple of years between the time I got the letter saying they wanted to use my poem and the time the book finally came out; gotta love university-press publishing sometimes).