Sunday, October 09, 2005

Readings and surprises

So the reading happened (more about it later), and afterwards I'm standing around chatting with people, and these two women come up to me and they look really familiar, in the way that someone looks familiar when you haven't seen them for a year or two and their hair is completely different than it was when you last saw them, and you're thinking "crap, who is this, I know I know this person" and then they turned out to be Julie and Lainey. Who freaking drove all the way from St. Louis for the reading. Hell, I'm happy when someone drives across town to hear me read. Nobody's ever driven from another state to hear me read before. Too freaking cool.

I did notice that when I read my poem "Aero" and introduced it by saying it was dedicated to Rebecca Loudon, these two random women were sitting back there all poking each other and grinning, and I couldn't quite figure out why. Now I know. *grin*

So the reading went well, I think. We had probably about 45 people in the audience (I didn't count them, and I'm really bad at estimating, but that seems about right) -- most of the seats were filled, which is always a nice feeling. I think I went a little over my 8 minutes (oops) but for once I don't think I babbled on too much with my introductions, which I have a tendency to do. I read "Fog, Provincetown," "Aero," "Animals at Night," "The Problem of Birds," and "Hold." It was especially good to hear Shana (our "Special Guest") read, as we read together many many times when we were in a writers' group together but I hadn't heard her read for a while.

I probably have more to say about the reading, but this post was interrupted for like 45 minutes when both of my cats wanted to snuggle up on my lap for a while (all together now: awwwwwww) and now it's 1 in the morning and I'm tired and a certain couple of St. Louisians may be calling in the morning if they want to meet up for breakfast/brunch. So, more later, perhaps.


Radish King said...

OH! Oh, I want to meet up for breakfast too!!!

Anne said...

Well, get your butt out here to Indiana and you too can have brunch at the Runcible Spoon, home of the bathroom with fish in the bathtub, and pancakes bigger than Julie Dill's head! :)

Radish King said...

Okay. This sounds like a little bit of heaven, to me. And I've never been to Indiana, and here's something about me, I have about 3 billion frequent flyer miles. No vacation days however. Yet.

jenni said...

How cool. Did they love the spoon or what? It's one of my fav places to eat!

Anne said...

Jenni, the Spoon was crazy busy, but they seemed to like it. I guess it's now a requirement that if a blogger goes to Bloomington, I go to the Spoon with them! ;)

Rebecca, if you start feeling tempted in an Indiana-ish direction, just remember that we do have one of the biggest and allegedly best music schools here, with faculty recitals pretty often (always good), and grad student recitals (usually pretty good) practically every night of the week. I bet we could find you some music to go hear. Not that I'd try to tempt anyone towards the Midwest, oh no. ;)

Laine said...

Notes for public record:

1) Anne gives a good read. Not only did I enjoy her poetry, I enjoyed her voice and delivery, too.

2) Given the craptastic camping outfit I was wearing, I'm quite grateful Anne realized we were "two random women," and not "a pretty young woman and her hayseed boyfriend."

3) The Runcible Spoon is great, and, in silhouette, their pancakes are indeed bigger than JulieDill's head.

3-b) JulieDill does not have a tiny head.

4) Julie was hoarse from talking and laughing by time we left the Spoon. We had a great time visiting with you, Anne.

5) Pammy the Cat was quite pleased to see me and Julie when we finally got safely home last night.

the machinist said...

That's fantastic! Friendsfriendsfriends!

Ya'll are good people--the three of you. And the cats. But they're good cats, not good people.

Anne said...

Hee. Lainey, I had a blast with you guys too -- and days later, I'm still fairly blown away that y'all made the trip! I'm glad Pammy was happy to see you and hope she has detached herself from your head by now.

Woody, the cats didn't join us for brunch. Which is a good thing, as they might have swiped my bacon, and I love me some Runcible Spoon bacon. *grin*

Artichoke Heart said...

Ooh . . . the Spoon. I miss the Spoon!!!! Am so glad the reading went well and that you had your very own delightful po-groupies in attendance!

Julie said...

Maybe Anne will drive to St. Louis to go to your reading on March 20th.

If She Dares!

For reals, yo, Anne's reading voice is hot with two t's. Her voice sounds like it comes from the love child of a late night radio talk show host and a voice over actress for male performance enhancement infomercials.

Hoosier Pride.


p.s. Don't tell Rebecca Loudon that I have a massive poet crush on her cormorants.

Anne said...

*snerk* JulieDill, I'm hiring you as my promotional manager. Or something. I think. Except I'm really not sure about that infomercial thing. ;)

March 20th, huh? Looks like that's a Monday... if that is during our spring break then probably not, 'cause I always have trouble finding students to cover the desk that week and somehow I don't think I could leave Bloomington at 6 pm, get there in time for the reading, & get back in time for work at 8 am the next day. But I can't remember when our spring break is. Remind me in, like, February. 'Cause it would be fun as hell.