Monday, December 19, 2005


When I get a rejection slip with "Thanks. Good luck w/these--" & the editor's initials scribbled on the bottom, I can never help but read it as if it's sarcastic in tone: "Yeah, good luck getting that stuff published." This is why I've declared a brief submissions moratorium for myself -- this is not a healthy way to look at a perfectly innocent rejection slip, especially one from a particularly good journal.

I think after the holidays I'll have a better attitude and I can get back to it. I think I will end my submissions moratorium when I feel that I've regained a healthy equilibrium of time spent reading & writing. Because that's what matters, the reading & writing, not so much the submitting.


I don't have a kitten anymore -- I hve an orange streak that flashes around the house every so often. I guess he did hold still for a little while last night, but about all I've seen since I got home this evening has been an orangey-white blur that apparently has a kitten inside it somewhere. He's taken to jumping onto the top of the coat-tree in the living room and looking down on everything like a little bitty mountain lion.


The official announcement went out today -- the branch library that I coordinate/manage is being transformed into an "information commons" type dealie; our books, journals, and reserve operations will be moved to the main library, probably over the summer. Which means my job will be phased out. I have been assured that there will still be a place for me within the library system, and have had preliminary discussions with the Associate Dean regarding what that might look like; it could be interesting, but uncertainty & change can be hard, and right now I have no idea what my job title will be, where I'll sit every day, or who I'll report to six months or so from now. So part of today, after the announcement went out, was spent responding to questions from colleagues & faculty. A bit awkward explaining a decision I didn't make, but whatever.

At least I have Provincetown to look forward to this summer -- most likely -- even though paying for it means putting off some dental work and some car repairs. Eh, who needs teeth when you have poetry. :)


Trista said...

I am so sorry about your job and the rejection slip. This sound weak, but I really hope everything works out career-wise

Anne said...

Thanks, Trista. The rejection slip is no big deal at ALL, just provoked a moment of crankiness. :) The job ... well, that will sort itself out, and with luck I'll end up better off than I am now, once all this uncertainty passes and things get settled. We shall see.

Erin B. said...

Who needs teeth when you have poetry.

Well said. I'm in need of some dental work and car repairs myself, and of course get the all- too-occasional rejection slip. My job changed recently, too. Maybe we're counsins, two of a kind?

For all we know, you'll be the best (insert new job title here) your library's ever seen. And hell, Privincetown? My hairdresser told me recently I had to get out there, it didn't matter how. Who will you be spotting when you go?