Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bloom (the Bloomington one)

So the article on the Bloomington poetry scene is in the new issue of Bloom: Celebrating Life in Bloomington (not to be confused with the other, more literary Bloom). It's not, after all, the cover story -- the cover story is "Bloomington is a Dog's Town," with a picture of a Great Pyrenees. Cute puppydog vs. buncha surly poets: can't say as how I'd argue with that decision. *grin*

Anyhow, it's a nice little article, featuring brief interviews with & poems by Tony Brewer, Catherine Bowman, Roger Mitchell, Patricia Coleman, Jenny Kander, and myself. I am going to try to pick up a few extras (the place where I picked mine up today only had four copies sitting there, and I didn't want to clean them out entirely). It's distributed free here in town, so if anyone would be interested in having a copy, I'd be happy to just send it; if you want to send me a buck or two to help with postage (it's a big, glossy, 112-page magazine), or a spare copy of a poetry journal in exchange, that would be lovely. I'm not sure how many extras I will be able to snag, so I'll make it first come, first served. Email me with your mailing address.

(Shana Ritter, who wrote the article, has always gotten confused about which northern Indiana town I grew up in; in this article she claims that I am from Fort Wayne, which is not true. I have never set foot in the undoubtedly-lovely *cough* thriving metropolis of Fort Wayne. Just for the record.)

* * * * *

Did you see the Seattle Times feature on local poets? Did you listen to the audio clips of Peter Pereira reading his poems "Anagrammer" and "Dream of the Cancer Cure"? Did it occur to you, as it did to me, that NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday should do a feature on Peter's anagram poetry to go along with the weekly Will Shortz puzzle thing? If so, or if you're saying "wow, that didn't occur to me, but now that you mention it, that is a brilliant idea!", you too can contact NPR to suggest the story idea. Just, you know, a suggestion. :)

* * * * *

Still on track with NaPoWriMo, though the past few days haven't yielded anything that feels much like a keeper. I may post more snippets eventually, though. I do like one of my titles: "History & Theory of Basements." The poem basically sucks, but I like the title.

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