Monday, May 14, 2007

Personal and local

Personal #1: One of my cats, Honey Bear, is spending the night at the vet's tonight. (He has some occasional, er, digestive issues ... let's just say the poor dear is getting himself roto-rooted.) He should be home tomorrow and back to his old self fairly quickly, but the house is too quiet tonight with only one cat. I am very lucky that my cats go to a vet practice where there are several doctors I trust. I don't know where I'd be without an excellent vet! Send a little "get well soon" thought to my Bear if you have one to spare, hm?

* * * * *

Local: The Indiana University Writers' Conference is coming up. I won't be doing the conference this year, but I do plan to attend some of the evening readings. Here's the schedule, for anyone who might be local enough to make it here and might be inclined to do so. All readings take place at 8:00 pm, in Whittenberger Auditorium (in the Indiana Memorial Union). If you see someone here that I absolutely should not miss, give me a holler!

Sunday, June 10th: Khaled Mattawa & Matthew Klam
Monday, June 11th: Catherine Bowman & Nicholas Dawidoff
Tuesday, June 12th: Crystal Wilkinson & Adam Langer
Wednesday, June 13th: Conference Participant Reading
Thursday, June 14th: Heather McHugh & Lee Martin

* * * * *

Personal #2: Apparently I do, too, have some iota of self-discipline: I am rapidly closing in on a 25-pound weight loss. I still have a ways to go before I get to where I want to be (which is a weight that won't make me dead before my time -- I have no particular desire to be skinny, just want to be healthier), but perhaps I need to remember this when I try to tell myself I'm not sure I have enough self-discipline to do other things. Like, put together a book manuscript. Or get myself into, and through, a low-residency MFA program. Ahem.

* * * * *

Personal #3: I'll be moving to a new space at work within the next couple of weeks. I started in a new position about a year ago, and my new department didn't have space for me, so another department graciously let me use a cubicle in their office suite; but my "real" department is moving to a new floor this month, so I'll be moving in with them. I saw the new space last week. It's very, very, very beige. Should be nice once it gets people, and plants and stuff, in it though. It is pretty funny that a dialup-using semi-Luddite like me is actually a part of the Library Information Technology department, isn't it? Hee!


Garbo said...

I'm sure Honey Bear will be gratified to hear how much he was missed when he comes home from the vet's.

Good job on the goal-setting and achievements to date. I don't question your discipline for a moment, Anne. I just think you doubt your own ability, to be frank. (If Frank doesn't mind, I'll be him and he can be me, for a day.)

Ross White said...

Anne, do see Heather McHugh. She's a wonderful reader.

Jessie Carty said...

almost 25 pounds down. that is true dedictation! i managed to dedicate myself to low-res MfA but managing to lose more than 5



Montgomery Maxton said...

keep up the GREAT job Anne!!!!

Anne said...

Thanks, y'all. :)

Ross: I will do so! It's mildly inconvenient that she is reading on the day I work late, but I should be able to make it anyhow.

Jessie: It's called desperation. ;) Mostly I just gave up eating crappy junk food at lunch, and started walking 15-20 minutes a day!