Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Pleased to learn that an odd little poem of mine called "Surviving the Fairy Tale" will be included in the inaugural issue of Barn Owl Review, due out at AWP in January.

Which makes me want to go to AWP! But New York hotels are just awfully expensive, even at the discounted conference rates. I doubt I'll be able to swing it, but I'm trying not to rule it out just yet.

* * * * *

Speaking of hotels, the following description appears on the website for the Best Western in Seekonk, Massachusetts: The brand new Best Western Providence-Seekonk Inn features 50 rooms, three stories, one elevator with indoor pool and fitness room.

That must be one heck of an elevator!

* * * * *

Some nice publicity for Valparaiso Poetry Review -- thanks to Ed Byrne for passing this one along. I am amused that they picked me out as one of the names to mention, probably because it's an Indiana newspaper and I'm, you know, from Indiana and stuff.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Montgomery Maxton said...

too bad they dont have that elevator at my work. while everyone would show up to work, no one would actually show up to their desk.

xo max

Jessie Carty said...

congrats on the publication :)

i'm w/ you about the awp. i really want to go but getting enough time off and dealing w/ the expense of staying in new york is a little too much for me.

i think i might make 2009 though. it is chicago and at least i have family near by where i could stay!


Ivy said...

Congratulations, Anne! :-)

Garbo said...

Your stack of publications and mentions and interviews and digital recordings and brochure photos must be toppling over on your desk by now! Good job, Anne.

Did you put the moon picture instead of your photo first, and then add the site subtitle "Because I said so," or the other way around? I'm trying to interpret it all and I thought having the order might help.

Collin said...

Congrats, Anne.

I'm not sure I'm going to AWP either. It's the last weekend in January, which I figure will be about the time a massive blizzard blows across Manhattan.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Congrats, Anne--Barn Owl is looking very cool.

I was sure this would be my first AWP, but then I saw prices (especially since I still won't be a student) and I wasn't so sure.

Anne said...

MM: Ha! No kidding. At my work, the only elevator excitement we get is when it tries to slam the doors shut before you're all the way in. Which happens all the time.

Jessie: Thanks! Yeah, Chicago sounds more promising for me too; I'd still have to spend big $$ on a hotel, but at least I could drive there.

Ivy: Thanks! :)

Garbo: Ha! It's not that many compared to other poets who send out a lot of stuff, actually. But at least I'm out there. :) The "moon picture" is actually the logo from the Provincetown Soap Works, which makes very nice soap. "Because I said so" just seemed like a funny thing to put on my blog.

Collin: Thanks! Yeah, you're right about the blizzard. Hmph.

Steven: Thanks! It would be my first AWP too, but we'll see. I just found out about a grant from a local foundation -- maybe they could be persuaded to give me some AWP money...