Monday, June 25, 2007

Newsy linky bits

Annie Dillard has a new novel and it's set in Provincetown! I think I'll buy it when I'm there.

* * * * *

If you are a DIY publisher, micropress, or anything like that, check out The Word Vine!

What a totally cool idea. I hope it takes off big time.

* * * * *

I love this poem by Beth Ann Fennelly in Blackbird: "The Kudzu Chronicles." I had a cat named Kudzu once, because when he was a kitten he grew like crazy and took over everything. He wasn't a noxious weed, though.

* * * * *

Two weeks from today, I'll be in the midst of my workshop with Carl Phillips. I hope it's good. I bet it will be.

Speaking of Provincetown, the Fine Arts Work Center has named a new Executive Director. She is an attorney and a gardener. I hope it proves to be a good fit for everyone.

* * * * *

Verticle Oracle card

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
We're almost halfway through 2007. It's time to take inventory of how well you're capitalizing on this year's unique opportunities. So let me ask you, Gemini: Are you working hard to heal the indecisiveness that has dissipated your energy in the past? I hope so. You've never had a better chance to unify your divided mind than you have now; you will continue to be the beneficiary of unprecedented help from cosmic forces whenever you make concentrated efforts to coordinate your diverse desires. I urge you to invoke all your ingenuity as you seek out the magic that will make you a virtuoso of variety.

"Cosmic forces," eh? Cool! *grin*


Christopher Hennessy said...

I'm so jealous you'll be studying with Carl! I'm sure it will be AMAZING!

Anne said...

Christopher: I think it will be amazing indeed! I have had very good luck with summer workshop teachers, and I don't expect this year to be any exception...

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