Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Seek and ye shall find ... something

Odd web searches that have led people to my blog in recent months:
  • land mammal with highest blood pressure (well, work has been kinda stressful lately...)
  • is turkey a mammal (ummm, do you mean the country, or the bird?)
  • lousy poets (none of those here! you go away now!)
  • fun experiments that go boom (mad scientist, huh?)
  • sucker fish costume (dude, it's nowhere near Halloween...)
  • blackbirds pooping on outdoor tables (yeah, that's why I like to eat inside)
  • i wasn't accepted at breadloaf (me neither. Oh wait, I didn't apply.)
  • ariel view of sharks (I don't think Plath had any shark poems. I could be wrong.)
  • can i go to work with a scratched cornea (dude, stay home. That's a good excuse.)
  • what kind of mammal is living in my yard (I'm gonna take a guess and say ... a heffalump?)
  • low residency mfa, cheap (SNERK! dream on...)
  • jackal clockradio garden (the hell...?)
  • cranky violinist on beach (Paging Rebecca Loudon!)
It's hot here. It's been over 90 degrees for ten days running. Saturday we might have a cold snap -- it might top out at 89. The humidity has also been at least 50% even in the heat of the day, and up to 80-90% at night. I don't approve. I think my brain is parboiled.


Anonymous said...


Hot here too ... 100

Radish King said...


Jessie Carty said...

My theromstat (that is on a covered porch) topped out at 102 yesterday. YIKES!

My favorite is low-res MFA that is cheap. Yeah, dream on!!

Penultimatina said...

These made me laugh out loud at my desk. Thank you!

I hope these storms = less heat soon. I'm getting really tired of melting every time I walk the dog.

Anne said...

Jilly: You've got us beat, but not by much. :P

Radishy: I thought you'd appreciate that one. *grin*

Jessie: Yeah, if they actually find a cheap low-res, I hope they let me in on it...

MB: I wish we'd get some storms! This is definitely the kind of weather when I'm glad I don't have a dog to walk.

jenni said...


i get a lot of budgie ones and they are really cute.

Lyle Daggett said...

Have been avoiding the computer for the past week (I tend to stay away from it during periods of hot weather), so just now saw your post about the chapbook being accepted. Big congratulations!

"Jackal clockradio garden" sounds like the name of a surrealist poetry magazine.

I understanding they're offering a cheap low-residency MFA at Florida Swampland College...

Anne said...

Jenni - I love the word "budgie" for some reason. I should try and put it in a poem. :)

Lyle - Thanks for the congrats! Florida Swampland College, LOL...