Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drafty in here.

I haven't posted a draft in a while. I wrote this during my dinner break yesterday (prior to working the late shift on the reference desk). It's part of the series I'm working on -- poems about a fictional rock musician. Some are in first person, some in third person, some in second person. I've got about 15 of them so far, taking the protagonist from about age 14 (playing guitar and having rockstar daydreams) to middle age (dealing with a long career in the music world, coping with the inevitable losses one faces in middle age, etc). It's different from anything I've worked on before, and I'm having fun with it.

Anyway, I'll take this down in a day or so. And I miiiiight read it, or a revision of it, at the Five Women Poets reading Saturday night. Or I might not. So.



Lyle Daggett said...

Wow. I really like this, Anne. A lot of real soul here. It really brings me in, I feel like I can feel the heat, the closeness, the breath.

Curious if you've ever seen the movie (came out maybe three or four years ago?) "Prey for Rock and Roll"? Gina Gershon plays a rock musician in a band of four women, they play mainly bar gigs in (I think) Los Angeles, she's edging toward middle age and facing questions about whether/how much longer she wants to keep doing the rock music band thing, dealing with a complicated love life, etc. The other three women have dramas going on in their lives too. Drea de Matteo (she played Adriana on The Sopranos) plays one of the other band members. I wasn't familiar with the other two women.

Really solid performance, a good strong script. I've looked for it on DVD though haven't tracked it down.

Anne said...

Thanks, Lyle! And yes, I have seen that movie, actually -- rented it a couple years back. It wasn't Great Art or anything, but it was pretty good; I liked Gina Gershon in it a lot. I should find that again sometime & watch it.

Leslie said...

Gone but not forgotten. The images in this have been circling around in my head since I read it.

What a lovely lyric/narrative poem. How do you do that?

Montgomery Maxton said...

doh! im always late!

Anne said...

Leslie -- aww, thanks! Glad to hear it stuck a little bit. As for lyric/narrative... I don't know... I'm just sort of jumping into the character's head, spending a few moments there, then jumping back out. This whole thing is a very different way of working for me.

MM: There'll be more, I'm sure... ;)