Wednesday, October 22, 2008

shamelessly self-promotional

The podcast of my "appearance" (does one actually appear on the radio, I wonder?) on "The Poets Weave" is now up. Download it on the Poets Weave podcast page. It's a five-minute show, and includes 3 poems: two from Breach and one newer poem -- "First Earthquake," my elegy for E Street Band organist/accordionist Danny Federici, who died this past April.

I'll stick a link over in the right-hand side of my blog pretty soon, too.

* * * * *

Speaking of Breach, poet Collin Kelley said some darn nice things about it over on his blog! Seriously, I got all blush-y when I read it, and I wasn't even having a hot flash. :) Also, I totally want to steal his phrase "harbingers and incidents."

I was sort of getting used to the fact that a few people had actually bought my chapbook, but for some reason it still surprises me just a little bit (in a good way!) when I find out somebody actually read the thing, much less that they actually liked it. Hee!

* * * * *

Looking over the AWP schedule... plenty of good stuff, but for the most part it looks like I won't be too overwhelmed in each time slot by fifteen different things I am just dying to attend. I probably overlooked a few, though. I will be there for sure, barring anything unforeseen like ice storms or plague of locusts.

I'm sort of wondering whether any other poet-bloggers want to throw together an informal late-night guerrilla reading? Poet-bloggers and friends? Round-robin format, so if there are a bunch of us you might only get to read a couple of poems but at least everyone will get to read something? Heck, if only a few folks are interested, I'll even host it in my room at the Hilton -- I probably wouldn't feel the need to boot y'all out until 2 a.m. or so. Bring a bottle of wine! :) I'm sure there will be larger and better spaces we could commandeer, as well. I'm sure I will say this again as we get closer to February, but if anyone does want to get together for a guerrilla reading -- or for a cup of coffee or a beer, or what-have-you -- drop me an email and we'll figure out how to coordinate things.

Yes, I am totally paranoid about AWP; I've never been before, and I have this fear that if I don't plan some stuff out ahead of time, I will end up drifting around the place aimlessly and never meeting anybody. Never mind that it's a conference full of poets and so there's no way in heck I will be the only shy, socially-backwards person there! *grin*

Looks like I will be attending the ALA conference for the first time next year as well (that's the American Library Association), which is also in Chicago. 2009: The Year Of Conferences. Hoo boy.


Lyle Daggett said...

I'm also still planning on going to AWP. A couple of the high-priority events for me are the Thomas McGrath tribute (Sat. at 3:00); "Four Invisible Poets," a panel on the lives and work of Thomas McGrath, Muriel Rukeyser, Gene Frumkin, and Bert Meyers (Sat. at 12:00); "Poetry of Resilience," a panel including Valzhyna Mort and Brian Turner (Fri. at 1:30); and the Gwendolyn Brooks tribute on Friday evening.

Also a couple of panels on things like "Poetry's Electronic Communities" about online magazines, blogs, discussion boards, etc., that look interesting. And a couple of other events I want to check out because of specific people on the panels.

I like the idea of doing a guerrilla reading. I'm up for it. I'll e-mail you.

Collin said...

I'm not going to AWP. I really just can't afford it right now.

Glad you liked the mini-review of Breach. :)

Pamela said...

I'm going to AWP. On first view, I really want to go to the Feminist Ekphrastic panel and the one for Scott Russell Sanders. I love to teach his essay "Grub."

I like the idea of a guerilla reading, too.

Anne said...

Lyle and Pamela - I look forward to seeing you there! Lyle - I definitely want to get to that Electronic Communities panel myself. Pamela, the Feminist Ekphrastic one sounds intriguing (mainly because I love Robin Becker) and I may or may not make it to Scott Sanders' thing -- most of the presenters will be people I can see around here anytime, but it will still be a nice event and Sanders certainly deserves the accolades. I wish I'd had a chance to take a class or two with him before his retirement. That's one of my bigger missed opportunities at this university.

Collin - I totally hear you on not being able to afford it. I plan on taking a box of protein bars and some other stuff so I don't have to go out for meals all the time, and I'm basically viewing this as my vacation budget for the year. Sigh.

Montgomery Maxton said...

omg your voice, so enchanting! loved the podcast. your poetry rocks. see you at AWP.

Anne said...

MM, you made me blush! :)

Jessie Carty said...

I'm definitely at AWP this year. First one so everything looks exciting to me!

BTW, I hate self-promotion but I'd love if some people who comment on this blog (esp you Anne!) would submit work to me at my new lit mag :) or

Maybe 2010 I'll be at AWP with my own booth!