Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend snippets

Good news on the work front: the radical revision of my job description came through the reclassification process with a higher level. This means that as of 11/1 I get a shiny new title (Libraries Web Site Editor), a professional staff classification rather than support staff, and a small raise. I am lucky to have a job that I mostly like, working with people I like (many of whom I would enjoy spending time with even if I weren't being paid to do so -- don't laugh, it's nothing to take for granted), and also lucky to be able to go home at the end of the day and leave my job behind in order to work on creative pursuits (lately, about equal parts writing-related and music-related).

* * * * *

Still have not figured out what I'm going to read at the Five Women Poets reading tomorrow night -- er, it's after midnight now, so I guess I should say "tonight." A couple of poems from Breach, for sure, but which ones? I'm more interested right now in my new series of poems (one of which was posted here for about a day earlier this week) -- heck, I drafted another one of the things today. I guess that's the problem with publishing chapbooks and books: by the time the thing comes out, your work has moved on, but people want you to read from the "new" collection. Well, I'll read a couple of the new poems anyway, if only to test out how they sound in a room with people listening.

Also, speaking of listening: just a reminder that I'll be on the radio Sunday at 11:46 am Eastern time! I'll put a link to the podcast in the sidebar of my blog when it's available, so don't break your neck getting up early to hear me. *grin*

* * * * *

Well, this certainly has been a "me me me" post, hasn't it? Ugh, sorry.


Leslie said...

I do like to hear poets reading from their current book, because usually I've spent time with the poems in my head, in my voice, but I always want them in the poet's voice.

But I get totally excited when they read their newest work too, so I have something to look forward to.

Anne said...

Leslie: Yeah, as a reader & audience member I always enjoy hearing poems I've read on the page -- I hear you! Plus, you gotta promote the thing if you want people to buy it, right? ;)

I ended up reading 2 poems from Breach and 3 new poems -- time-wise, it was about half and half, which felt about right.