Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Draft dodging

The temperature hit 32 degrees here after 11 days, I think, of never inching above freezing.

And Monday afternoon (while I was on my dinner break from work before heading back for the evening shift), another dam may have broken. I drafted two poems, or poemish things anyway. I hadn't drafted anything that held my interest since, oh, about September... so it felt like a pretty big relief to come up with something that felt like I might actually want to look at it again at some point.

I'll post it here, but it will disappear in 24 hours or less. (Things blow away when it gets drafty, you know.)

Edit: *poof*


Jessie Carty said...

this poem is really neat. sorry, for weak adjectives on my part! not only does it work as a poem but it really speaks to me as someone who also feels like i haven't drafted anything in a while. it is saying - muse stop misdirecting me!

Lyle Daggett said...

Some of the first stanza, from "I try to steer..." to "wrong year," seems to me to wander a little, feels less grounded than the rest of the poem.

I recall you commented here in the blog once (and I'm sure I'm recalling this imperfectly) that you tend to write in stanzas at least initially, because you find it helps in writing the early drafts. Something to that effect.

I found as I read the poem/draft that I found it read better, I could feel the music and movement of it better, if I put different line breaks and stanza breaks in it (at least in my own mind), not the regulated four-line stanzas all the way through.