Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Choosing drafty poems

Oh god. It just really hit me tonight that I have less than two weeks to pick out the (at least) three poems in draft stage I want to take to Provincetown with me, eleven copies each. On the one hand, I will admit that 'cause I'm only human, I want to take in poems that are already pretty strong because I want to impress the guy. So I don't want to take poems that are a total mess. On the other hand, if I'm going to get the most out of the workshop, I really need to take in poems that I'm willing to completely tear apart and work on a lot. So what I need is strong poems that are a total mess. Yeah, I can do that.... EEK!

Maybe I'll write one or two new ones between now and then. Yeah, 'cause I'm writing so much these days. NOT. (And I have to work five hours on Sunday, so I don't even have a whole entire weekend available between now and the time I leave.)

This momentary moment of workshop-related freakout has been brought to you by the letters D.A. Powell and by the number eleven copies of each.


Ivy said...

I'm sure DA Powell puts on his trousers one leg at a time [or both at once?] just like everyone else.

And now that I've planted that image in your head, my work here is done.


Anne said...

Ivy, I think there may be other bloggers around here who might take more of an interest in DA Powell's trousers than I'm likely to. I'm just sayin'. *grin*

the machinist said...

I could probably be referred to as 'that drunk kid at the Lammy's.'


'that drunk kid at AWP.'

or, well, you got the idea.

Anne said...

Woody, so if the topic of trousers arises during the workshop ...

....oh, nevermind. I'm just not going there. :)