Sunday, June 19, 2005


Because Laurel was amazed at the idea of an 18 lb. cat -- here's a picture of Himself (and that's my hand, not a little kid's or anything). This is why my sister calls him a Kittypotamus.
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And here are both of the boys together. Mudpuppy is the short-haired one; he will be 18 years old on the first of July and was diagnosed with diabetes in January of 1996 (proof that diabetic cats can live a long and happy life). Honey Bear is the fluffball. You can see what a hard life they have.
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Radish King said...

It is clear that Honeybear could eat Paris the Genius cat for breakfast, accidentally. Still, I do his bidding.

LKD said...

Oh, my lord. That's one hefty cat. Kittypotamus! I love that. Years ago, I lived in Pittsburgh and my best friend's roommate had a black cat, aptly named Bat, who was 15 pounds--and a short-hair, so he had this little teeny tiny head and this humungous body--who I used to jokingly call Moby because he was whale-sized---or Moo Goo Gai cat because he could have easily fed a family of ten. (grin) (yeah, the roomie was none too tickled by that clever nickname, ha ha)

Elmo (my cat) looks absolutely slim by comparison. Heck, Anne, it looks like your cat ate my cat! (smile)

Big-boned. He's just a big-boned feline, right?

Thanks for posting these photos. If anything, I'm even more amazed.

Reb said...

I had a fat cat named Clyde (21 pounds). He was diagnosed with diabetes, put on a strict diet and got down to 15 pounds. Then he promptly died. I wish I would have let him stay fat and be happy those last few months.

I'm glad your cats are faring better! Kittypotamus is very cute!

Anne said...

Rebecca: I think Paris the Genius cat is hypnotizing me just from his picture! Must ... give ... kitty ... treats ... (Hey, I have that same moon-and-stars throw, too!)

Laurel: Moo Goo Gai cat made me giggle. I had a friend once whose husband kept threatening to eat her cat so she nicknamed him Parsley, because nobody ever eats the parsley.

Reb: That's so sad about Clyde! Bear has lost a couple of pounds from his all-time high, and although he could stand to lose one or two more, I'm going to cross my fingers he won't develop diabetes. At one point I had 2 diabetic cats and my vet would probably freak out if I turned up with another. I've been really fortunate with Mudpup, though, that he hasn't developed any serious problems due to the diabetes. *knock on wood*

jenni said...

what a ham!

very cute.

junebee said...

How can I, too, get an 18 pound kittpotamus?!