Saturday, June 25, 2005

the weather is here / wish you were beautiful

Greetings from Provincetown! Wifi is up & running in my room, which is less-than-peacefully situated between the hot tub (though SOME of you out there would appreciate the view... ahem) and the door to the office/main house. There's a lovely, faintly salt-scented breeze tonight on Pearl Street. I splurged and bought a bottle of tempranillo wine and a bit of dark chocolate. I am not, however, touching the half-wedge of brie someone left in the refrigerator -- it appears to be the approximate consistency of the erasers we used in grade school. Eek.

Have already bought books, including The Wild Braid (pictures of Stanley Kunitz and his garden, with poems & interviews, in celebration of his 100th birthday-- it seemed appropriate to buy it here). Have already gotten past the initial culture shock (which passes quicker with every visit) of walking down Commercial Street among granola dykes, glittery drag queens, and all genders in between. Every time I come here it feels a little more like coming home. This time I'm here with a purpose, beyond just enjoying the town and the beaches and the whales and the restaurants etc., and that feels very good.

Had hoped to do some proper writing tonight but it's been a very long day, and although I did have a short nap when I got in, I'm going to sleep very soon. Very, very soon. Tomorrow: Beach? Whale watching? Writing? Until activities at the FAWC begin at 6:00, I am free to do exactly as I please. I do think I will try to catch a whale watch, though. I miss my whales and I need to see them! And tomorrow is probably my best chance to spend time at the beach.

Tomorrow evening: reception, orientation, brief first class meeting, and reading by Mark Doty.

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