Thursday, June 02, 2005

readings are afoot!

The IU Writers' Conference is next week and I plan to make it to most of the evening readings -- I'll try to blog about the ones I get to. Here's the lineup:

Sunday: David Leavitt and Ruth Ellen Kocher
Monday: Mark Axelrod, Cynie Cory, and Carol Bly
Tuesday: Brian Leung, David Lazar, and Martha Rhodes
Wednesday: Tony Ardizzone and Maura Stanton
Thursday: Yusef Komunyakaa and Chitra Divakaruni

I'm looking forward to some good readings and to getting together with Jenni again. I may get to one or two of the post-reading receptions, depending on how energetic I feel -- staying out late on weeknights is, at my advanced *ahem* age, harder than it used to be! (Witness tonight; I had to work from noon to 9 pm as I had nobody to cover the front desk for the evening shift, and even though I'm a night person, getting home that late felt difficult.) They always have free food at the receptions though, which is certainly an enticement.

The Fine Arts Work Center has also posted their reading schedule for this summer, and looks like I get to go to some good ones the week I'm there:

Sunday, June 26: Mark Doty (yay! he's not teaching there this summer so this is a nice bonus)
Monday, June 27: reading by Dan Mueller & slide talk by Sue Miller
Tuesday, June 28: readings by Katherine Vaz & Olga Broumas & slide talk by Joel Janowitz
Wednesday, June 29: reading by Robin Becker (yay!) & slide talk by Paul Bowen
Thursday, June 30: I think they have student readings that night
Friday, July 1: Sonia Sanchez & D.A. Powell (yay!)

This may be more readings than I've ever been to in one month. Should be fun. I often run home & write after a reading, so maybe I will get some poems out of all this.


A. D. said...

Wow... I'd be so worried about buying books! Just can't help myself at those things.

I'm definitely anticipating some good notes for IU's Thursday.

jenni said...

wow--a great line-up for this summer...i may have to make a trip out there for that poell reading...

i look forward to seeing you too!

Anne said...

A.D., that is always a problem! At the IU conference, Howard's Bookstore always sets up a table in the back of the auditorium where the evening readings are held, and I always come away with at least a couple of books. Like I need more books in my house. Hmph.

Jenni, it would be cool if you made it out for Powell's reading! Since that is the Friday night of 4th of July weekend, though, you'd probably need to make some reservations really soon -- and most places in P-town have a four night minimum for that weekend. But it could be a nice little vacation...

loveandsalt said...

Wow--six of those readers are my friends. This is the first summer in 8 years I'm not teaching at FAWC. I had a feeling I would need the summer off, and whoa!-- I end up buying a house, so I do! Whose workshop are you taking? You are going to have a wonderful time! Are you staying in town or on "campus?" Have you been there before? So many questions...
And thanks for the support, shared excitement on my dream house. Cynthia

Charles said...

Shit, I'm so hot for David Leavitt it's not even funny.

And Brian Leung....rawr. Foxy and talented.

Anne said...

Cynthia, I've been to Provincetown on several occasions (and love it there so so much), and have gone to readings at FAWC, but never a workshop -- I am super excited! I'll be in D.A. Powell's "Vision and Revision" which I think is exactly what I need to work on. Because they're renovating the facilities this summer they didn't have much on-site housing (nothing was available even though I registered in January), but I've got the next best thing -- a little studio with kitchenette at the Admiral's Landing practically next door. I think it will be a week in heaven: reading and writing with amazing poets in one of my favorite places on the planet. (I love Provincetown so much I took out a subscription to the Banner -- even though each issue arrives here in Indiana a full week late. Silly, eh?)

Charlie darlin', I think this will be much faster if we simply discuss the people you don't think are hot. *grin* I will be sure to blog about Leavitt and Leung especially for you!

loveandsalt said...

Anne, I got the Banner for years...finally it started to make me too sad! I've actually spend good parts of the summer there. My exhusband and I used to stay in #11 (next to the office) with our son, and when we got divorced we split the summers. I expect huge withdrawals this summer.
Admiral's Landing is lovely, and such a sweet garden. But you know that! Have a wonderful wonderful week! Cynthia

Charles said...


I have a lot of love to give.