Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy stuff

There's been a veritable flurry of good news around blogville lately... don't miss Christine's!

As for the new study showing that poets and artists have more sexual partners than the average schmoe, all I have to say is ... maybe on someone's planet. Jeez. (Then again I don't fit the "depressed" part of the thing either -- I'm actually rather annoyingly content most of the time -- so maybe I'm not an actual poet after all. This possibility bears investigatin'.)


Christine said...

Thanks for the good press! And I hope you don't give up on submitting entirely. Your work is great.

Emily Lloyd said...

Damn. I thought all those people were having sex with me because I was a children's librarian.

Trista said...

Well, I certainly haven't had more sexual partners than the average... quite the opposite, actually. But my poetry gives one the impression that I have. Does that count?

Anne said...

Christine: Aww, thanks. :) Nah, I'm not giving up for good. Just taking a little break.

Trista: I think it counts, unless of course your poetry gives one the impression that you've been a children's librarian, in which case you are totally cheating. *grin*