Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Librarian-ish link o'the moment

Librarianly types (and some of you picking this up over on slisblogs) -- those of you interested in ontologies, taxonomies, folksonomies, knowledge management, and so on -- might be interested in reading Ontologista.

What is an ontologist, you ask? Well, her response is that "an ontologist is a librarian with stock options." Hmmm, once you put it that way, it sounds like something I oughta look into. *grin*


A. D. said...

Believe it or not:
Deluxe Librarian Action Figure

Anne said...

A.D.: Hehehe, yeah, I actually know several people who own those. Apparently, though, her "amazing shushing action" finger looks a little more like she is picking her nose. ;)

The same company makes a Crazy Cat Lady action figure. Combine the two of 'em, and there I am....