Friday, November 11, 2005

Your daily dose of cuteness

Not much to say at the moment, but I still have a terribly adorable kitten. See? I think he's reasonably happy... :)


Radish King said...

This cat has the most I am so totally pleased with myself smile I've ever seen on an animal, ever. I swear, he's grinning, and rather, well, smug. It cracks me up every time I see him.

If you think you had anything to do with him coming to live at your house, you're mistaken. He had obviously been making plans and calling in favors to the baby gods long before you knew anything about him.

Anne said...

*grin* Rebecca, I think you are right. He is definitely smug and pleased with himself -- I've seen that same smile on Bear's face a lot, too. Must be something in the water. And yes, living here was totally his idea. I went out to Rescue Farm to meet a different kitten I'd seen on their website and when I got there, Lotus literally reached his little paws out from his cage and flagged me down. Just call me taxi.

junebee said...

That is a VERY happy and cute kitty!

LKD said...

How old is he?

Wanna swap?

(just kiddin'.....still, yours looks so calm and zen-ish while Bob is an absolute maniac....lately, he's been trying to climb the walls)

Anne said...

Thanks, Junebee!

Laurel, he's about 8 months old, I think -- the shelter said he was 5 months old when I adopted him, but my vet looked at his teeth and said he was more like 6 months. He does have his calm and zen-ish moments. But most of the time he's a maniac too. He and Bear do the Kittianapolis 500 around and around my house for several hours a day, and this morning I actually had to boot them out of the bedroom because Lotus was racing up and down the bed and I really needed that extra half-hour of sleep from 6 to 6:30. I think all kittens are maniacs, even when they're as adorable as Lotus or Bob. :)

eLf ideas said...

Adorable indeed--a lean version of Garfield.

aLfie vera-mella