Monday, November 20, 2006


1. A particularly good mail day today. Evidence as follows:
a) Radish King by Rebecca Loudon
b) Love Poem to Androgyny by Stacey Waite
Both arrived snuggled up in little manila-colored envelopes and are waiting to be read. (I keep dipping into Radish King for a line or a stanza or a page. Tantalizing!)

2. Home today with a bad cold that greeted me upon awakening Saturday morning. Not quite of Martian Death Flu proportions, just a cold, but yuck. Normally I'd be on the reference desk working the late shift this evening, which I enjoy, so I am bummed to be home. Worried now about how to get everything done that needs to get done before leaving town for Thanksgiving. Oh well.

3. Odwalla "Citrus C Monster" fruit-juice smoothies have 2000% of the minimum RDA of vitamin C in one 15.2 ounce bottle. Expensive, but yum.

And now it is time to nap again.


Erin B. said...

Anne, one word:

Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Vitamin C

I hope you're on your way to health soon enough.

In the mean time, what do you think of love poem to androgyny? Her first chapbook, choke, is one I've carried around with me on more than once occasion.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Get Well Soon, Anne!

Collin said...

Feel better and have a good Thanksgiving. :)

Anne said...

Thanks, y'all! A week later, I am finally better. :)