Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From last night

I'll leave this up until about midnight tonight. It's very much a rough draft.

...and, it's gone. Poof!


Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff! Good job!

Montgomery Maxton said...

I really like this.

Lyle Daggett said...

Wow. Really strong poem, Anne. I especially like the sudden iron weight it takes on as the third stanza begins. I can feel the cold, the plunge into the deep earth.

A poet friend of mine, Scott King (he's also publisher of Red Dragonfly Press) wrote a short prose piece I liked quite a bit, "Hearing Merwin," reflecting on listening to W.S. Merwin read his poems on an audio recording. I also linked to Scott's piece in my blog a while back when I first read it.

Anne said...

Thanks, y'all. And Lyle, thanks for the link to Scott King's piece -- very nice.