Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Indiana Daily Student article on Merwin reading

The Indiana Daily Student (the student newspaper) put the Merwin reading on the front page of Tuesday's paper! Check out the article. They quoted some shady character towards the end, too.

I'm having some Blogger issues. I'm able to get to my blog via links to individual posts, or using the URL But if I try to go to the usual URL ( I get an error message. I don't know if anyone else is having trouble; I seem to be able to see everyone else's blog just fine, so maybe I broke something. Maybe nobody will ever see this post. Sigh.

[Edited later to add: Blogger issues seem to be resolved. Not sure what was up, or down as the case may be, but you know how Blogger is.]


Lyle Daggett said...

Anne, a couple of times recently I've also run into the problem with getting error messages when I've tried to go to my blog.

After poking around on the web a little, a found a "help" blog somewhere that suggested just closing your browser and bringing it back up. It apparently causes the brower or the blog to connect on a different server connection, or something like that. I tried it, and it seemed to clear up the problem.

(The above explanation may not be technically exactly right -- I'm not a major high-tech wizard or anything of the kind. But the above might be worth a try if you run into the problem again.)

Anne said...

Lyle - I ended up rebooting my laptop, but it needed a reboot anyway; I bet you're right & a new browser session might have done the trick too. :)