Friday, January 26, 2007

Apropos of nothing

Quote of the Day
Tennis hottie Rafael Nadal: "I have pain here, in my famous ass."

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Scientists can't get sloth to move. (Sounds like the Onion, but it's for real!)

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I have way too many books in this house, and way too little money in my bank account. Does anyone here have experience, good or bad, with selling books online? Care to share? I know people who've sold books via amazon,, etc. with mixed experiences. I'll probably try selling some of them locally first, just on principle.

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I feel much more like the immovable sloth than like Rafa Nadal, that's for sure.


Montgomery Maxton said...

Anne of Hoosierland;

I'm not sure if they're in your area, but in Ohio there are stores called Half Price Books that offer fairly good $ for used books.


Megan O'Reilly said...

Haha. I definitely feel like the immovable sloth.

I've sold a few books online and found the process tedious, not really worth the hassle. But I also sold a ton to a local used bookstore--it was kinda neat because they let you either accept an amount of cash, or double that amount in store credit. I was extremely broke at the time, or else I would've gone with the credit. Anyway, yeah, selling local is good.

Anne said...

MM: Unfortunately the closest Half Price Books is about an hour and a half away, in Indianapolis. :( Caveat Emptor, a used bookstore here in town, is probably my only local option.

Megan: Yeah, local is good. Store credit would defeat my "get these piles of books outa my house!" goal though. Hee!

Garbo said... is really easy once you do the initial set-up. You get an e-mail titled "You've Made a Sale" and it has a printable label. I just wrap books in a clean plastic grocery sack, add a layer of brown paper, then put on some reinforcing clear packing tape. Sounds hard but I've done it so many times now that I can package a book in under a minute and use free materials that didn't go into the landfill. Media mail is the same rate for all books under a pound and a second rate for those between one and two pounds. I keep the right demonimations of stamps around, and I put the formula for the postage on the site of the cheap spring-type postage meter I use. My mail carrier will pick up the packages if I leave them in a basket under my mailbox. gives you a few days to get the order out, and they'll deposit your money directly into your checking account and send you an e-mail saying a deposit's going in. You can also access your sales history online, and send prefab ship notices to your customers if you want. Can't beat it for efficiency.

Peter said...

Your nadal pic/post is a hoot.

Wasn't Serena brilliant tonight? A true champion. I luv her.

Peter said...

Dean and I have had pretty good luck selling books on Amazon; but you really have to be selective what you put up on the site, (i.e. make sure there aren't already a hundred copies available for $0.49 of the book you are wanting to sell).

Ross White said...

I had excellent luck on It wasn't a quick process, but I sold about 2/3 of what I posted, books and CDs. Just set your price about a penny below what's already there, and check how competitive your prices are. When they dip below the price you'd get locally (remember that half takes a cut), take down the listing and toss them in a box to sell.

Collin said...

I echo Peter's thoughts. Check Amazon and see what's there. Be selective about what you put up and your pricing. I've had some success with this.

Nadal is so hot and does have a lovely ass. :)

Anonymous said...

I have also used w/ pretty good success but I still think it is much easier to just trade in or to try to unload them at work.

I have also done some on ebay but I think unless it is a large hardback it is more hassle then it is worth!

Jessie :)

Pamela said...

LMAO at the fame-ass quote above. Just had to link to it! Thanks.

We've sold art and literature books with great success at antique shops, of all places. See if you can find a dealer who'll give you a shelf or two in her booth--that will be a 20% cut, (10% for her, 10% for the owner), but your storage problem's solved! And if you have seller's regret, you can pick a book up at any time and cart it home.

Anne said...

Thanks, all, for the book-selling recommendations! I'll figure out what to do shortly. I don't think the antique shop idea is going to work out for me -- most of my excess books are paperbacks, not worth a whole heck of a lot to start with. (Plus I couldn't begin to tell you where one would find an antique dealer in this town! If I want to buy old stuff, I go to Goodwill. *grin*)