Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weather, under the

New to the blogosphere: Edward Byrne, editor of the Valparaiso Poetry Review, has a new blog focusing on book reviews. Check out One Poet's Notes.

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Got the new issue of Prairie Schooner today. Nice to see three poems by Kelli Russell Agodon there! I hope to dig into the rest of this issue soon. It's frightening how fast the journals and books pile up -- and I keep bringing home stuff from the library (someone really needs to take away the interlibrary loan crack pipe ... being able to get my hands on practically any book that exists, for free, delivered to my place of work, is just too damned addictive; nevermind that the huge library where I work already owns practically any book I can think of). I'll never catch up, will I? No, I never will.

* * * * *

"Under the weather" is a funny idiom, isn't it? A little googling suggests that it comes from the notion that bad weather can make one ill, and/or from the nautical phrase under the weather bow, i.e. on the side of the ship that gets the worst of a rough sea, thus suggesting seasickness. In any event, I'm not seasick here in landlocked Indiana, but I've been just a tad bit under the weather for a couple days. Back soon full strength, though, I'm sure.


Robin said...

Hope your inner weather improves soon!

Anonymous said...


Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the referral to Byrne's book blog. That looks like a good one.