Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pebble Lake Review; deadlines

My poems "After the Crash" and "The Last Storm" are in the new issue of Pebble Lake Review -- and also up on their website, complete with audio (click on the little megaphone icons). Yes, I have that flat Midwestern accent. (I was also at the tail end of a nasty cold; not sure if you can tell that from my voice or not.)

There are a ton of other terrific poets in this issue as well, including Shanna Compton, Suzanne Frischkorn, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Christine Hamm, Ron Mohring, Steve Schroeder, and others. I am tickled to see my poems hanging out with the cool kids! :) Keep that New Year's resolution about supporting poetry, and buy yourself a copy (or subscribe)...

* * * * *

After missing one too many submission deadlines, I've started keeping a spreadsheet of projects and deadlines (as well as projects without deadlines, like poems or manuscripts I really want to revise in the near future). I hope it helps. I've also thought about using the Google Calendar, but I haven't really dinked around with that yet, and a spreadsheet was the quick & dirty way of getting something started. Those of you who send stuff out a lot, do you have any method of tracking upcoming deadlines? Does it help?


jeannine said...

Ha! I had a cold when I did my reading for PLR too! I was all, will people be able to tell I have a cold? And remember "flat midwestern accents" - newscasters are sent to Ohio and thereabouts to learn to speak with this accent, since it seems to the most universally "American." Be proud :) (as a former longtime resident of Cincinnati, people are always asking me, what's your accent?)

Anne said...

Jeannine, I guess that makes it truly a winter issue, if at least two of us had colds! :) I actually listened to your poems before reading them. Love them both, but especially that fox.