Monday, April 07, 2008

More later, but ...

Just came from the Robert Hass reading and he seemed to be in exceptionally fine spirits.

Perhaps because it is an absolutely gorgeous day here, full of forsythia and daffodils and (as Hass pointed out at the beginning of his reading) male cardinals all of a sudden announcing their availability.

Or perhaps because it was announced today that Time and Materials won the Pulitzer. (It was named a co-winner, along with Failure by Philip Schultz.)

I'm a little sorry that I had to scoot out of the room the instant he finished reading and get to my evening shift on the reference desk; it would have been kind of fun to have a copy of the book signed on the day it won the Pulitzer! Ah well. Enough to have been at the reading.

And since I am at aforementioned reference desk, more will have to wait for later.

(P.S. Go Jayhawks!!!!)


Christopher Hennessy said...

That must have been cool! A lil slice of history.

poetwithadayjob said...


I finally was able to listen to your poet's weave recording! So wonderful! I really enjoyed it, but of course had to laugh at Jenny Kander, who sounded like some kind of dying Mrs. Doubtfire...

My fave was the first poem..."can't even get me a lover" are a good reader!

Anne said...

Christopher: Yeah, it was!

PWADJ: Aw, thanks for listening, and glad you enjoyed it! Jenny sounds like a proper South African lady, doesn't she? She's really not as prim and proper as she sounds. :) Radio is fun!

Jessie Carty said...

Great weather and poetry?
What a great time!