Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ashbery interview

I meant to post this link yesterday, but I frogot. NPR had a nice conversation with John Ashbery on Weekend Edition yesterday morning. You can listen to it here.

My poetry group is meeting this afternoon -- first time we have tried a Sunday afternoon; normally we meet on weekday evenings, but people's schedules are insane this month. I think Sunday afternoon is a nice time to meet, although I guess I have mixed feelings because Sunday afternoons are usually fairly productive writing times for me. It's always nice to get an opportunity to spend time with actual human beings on the weekend, though -- I don't always.

I still want to blog about writing groups in general. Having started one, which stayed active for about 15 years (!), and having joined another shortly after the 25th anniversary of its founding, I have a lot of thoughts about what works & doesn't work, and how to keep a group relatively sane. (In fact Source, the group I founded, once led a two-day workshop on "how to start and nourish a women's writers' group," sponsored by the Kentucky Foundation for Women. I wonder if the group that arose from that workshop is still meeting.) But ... later for that post, as I want to get a bit of reading and maybe a little writing done before I head out for my meeting.

P.S. Welcome to the Equinox! Hooray for Spring!


jenni said...

I'm going to the writing group tonight at 7. Had to write that to you so i wouldn't forget (but I still may--with my memory there are no guarantees.) Thanks for the link!

Anne said...

Jenni, you must post after your group (or tomorrow) and let us all know how it went!