Saturday, March 19, 2005

National Book Critics Circle

Adrienne Rich has won the NBCC award for poetry for The School Among the Ruins. Hooray! Marilynne Robinson won for fiction. And no, Bob Dylan did not win for biography/autobiography. Here's a story from -- rather inexplicably found in the "Showbiz" section -- poetry is showbiz now? Cool! I guess because CNN doesn't have a Books section, unlike the Boston Globe.

I would have also been happy to see D.A. Powell win for poetry, but I'm delighted that Rich got it, though I haven't read her newest book yet. Her work has meant so very much to me over the years.


Suzanne said...

I am so bummed! I really wanted The Orchard to win, of course I didn't get a chance to read AR's and I'm sure it's deserving of the honor. I'm so very enamoured with BPK these days.

Anne said...

I am probably the last poet on the planet who has yet to read The Orchard, but from the excerpts I've read, it was pretty deserving too! Almost an embarrassment of riches this year.

I heard BPK read last summer (she came to the IU Writers' Conference) and liked what I heard a lot. I've heard that she is a fine teacher as well.

early hours of sky said...

Edwidge Danticat is one of my favorite fiction writers in the whole world so I am bummed.

I actually heard BPK was a better teacher than poet so the woman must walk on water, for she is a master.

the machinist said...

I'm a bit peeved Powell didn't win, but it's ok--his reading of [morning broke in my cabin inverted. tempest in my forehead] was the most visceral reading of the night and even got some of the non-poetry people there to sit up a bit straighter.

Peter said...

I am so bummed DA Powell didn't win. I love his book. I thought Rich peaked years ago; I will have to reconsider now, and check out her "Ruins."